FPS Scholarships Rules:
We now offer scholarships at Focal Point School! Enter our FPS Scholarships contest and win a spot for an upcoming Focal Point School Term 2021. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly if there are concerns to the questions and answers below, or if your question was not addressed. 
1. What is the FPS Scholarships?
FPS scholarships is a program to give-away scholarship spots for applicants which seek an education at Focal Point School in order to realise their dream jobs of becoming a concept artist. It will surely fuel our entertainment industry with yet another top tier talents. Our mission as a school is to provide a concept design and illustration education through motivation, dedication and discipline. The scholarships come in form of an exclusive art contest. 3 applicants will be selected by us and will be able to join the school for an upcoming 2021 TERM.
Submissions deadline is July the 18th 2021.
2. How do I apply for FPS Scholarships? 
Applying for the FPS Scholarships is straight forward. Check out the task briefing from the link below and get to work on 2 unique designs! Send us your final submissions over to info.focalpointschool@gmail.com and be one of the 3 winning entries to claim your spot at Focal Point School upcoming Term 2021! Keep in mind we start our Term 2021 on August the 6th. The 3 choosen winners can claim either Full Advanced Term or Full Intro Term. 
3. What should be my level to enter FPS Scholarships?
Everyone is welcome to give it a shot! The whole point is to give individuals a chance for an education with us that would normally not have the funds but have an incredible potential to become a concept artist and illustrator.
4. Based on which skills will the winners be selected?
Winners will be selected based on their strong visual communication skills, like drawing, silhouette and shape explorations, how believable their designs will come across, to what extend they make effective use of reference, how they will successfully relate their designs to the real world while introducing a little unique twist to the designs. Additionally showing their ideas in form of fast sketches before they work on their final works gives us much insight on how applicants think and tackle design problems. Applicants with strong fundamentals will have the upper hand too.
5. Who will be reviewing our works?
Exclusively Focal Point School co-founders Darek Zabrocki & Michal Kus.
6. Do you offer international student scholarships?
Focal Point School is an international school providing courses for students from all over the world no matter where you live.
7. What if I won FPS Scholarships contest and I am unable to come to an upcoming term?
We completely understand that unexpted things can happen at any time. If you are not able to make it to an upcoming term you will be able use your spot in the next term after the Term 2021 is over.