Founded by Darek Zabrocki and Michal Kus located in Poland, Focal Point is the first physical, on-site school in Europe providing courses for Entertainment Design and Illustration. Individuals seeking to become concept artists have limited options to choose from in schools and universities across Europe because of the lack of courses and professionals to teach those classes.

Focal Point School seeks to eliminate that gap by providing students with the full learning experience in a friendly community of artists and professionals.

Focal Point School is run by Darek Zabrocki & Michal Kus, two well-established European concept artists with both 6+ years of experience in the entertainment art industry. Darek and Michal not only have had the experience of teaching at other schools and mentorships, but also realize how hard it is to find the right education in order to become a successful concept artist.

That is why at Focal Point School, the mission is to teach students the fundamentals of design and integrate them in a physical environment with industry professionals in order to properly uphold education in concept art with motivation, dedication and discipline.

Eddie Bennun
Art Director @Ubisoft
"As an Art Director with more than 13 years of experience in the game industry, I can definitely say, that besides of the hard working and desire to learn and improve, there is nothing more important for the development of Artists' creativity and design thinking than receiving a constructive ,clear,regular and relevant feedback!
This is why I was extremely trilled to learn, that two of the most progressing and young Concept Artists nowadays were going to share their knowledge with the aspiring artists from all around the globe!"
Nivanh Chanthara

Concept Designer (Ghost in The Shell, Deus Ex)
"Darek Zabrocki is the kind of concept artist that is capable of creating almost anything and make it look cool. I always have been astonished by his technic and the way he managed to make it fit with any subject. The creation of the first physical concept art school in Europe leaded by him is one of the best news for the Industry I have heard since a long time.
Longue vie à Focal Point !"
Feng Zhu
Founder @FZD School, Concept Designer (Star Wars)

"Michal’s work takes you to another world filled with imagination, fun and creativity. His unique forms and design language are immediately recognizable. Together with polished presentations and solid foundations, Michal Kus stands among the greats.
His live presentations have inspired countless others, including myself and our students. Above all, Michal’s focus on education is a welcomed opportunity for us all to continue learning and sharing"