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Time: Friday - Sunday 10:00am - 1:00pm CEST
First Class (SPRING TERM 2023): 28.04.2023
Class length: 6 weeks
Instructor: Darek Zabrocki/Michal Kus
Location: "Focal Point School", Rajska 6,
80-850 Gdansk, POLAND or ONLINE


Class description:

This is a package of all the 3 intro classes which are available at our school and on a discounted fee. It provides the full intended program which we carefully structured and have been perfecting and updating from term to term. 

Knowledge obtained in one class smoothly flows to the other and vice versa providing the students with the full Focal Point Experience from both our founders Darek Zabrocki and Michal Kus. Allows you to have full insight on key areas of concept art and illustration.

Great opportunity to master Your basic skill for people, who are ready to work towards their goals! Requires commitment and passion to master all of the areas and topics provided in this course.

Classes can be taken on – site or online, from every place that makes You learning comfortable and drives your creativity. 

Taking the full Intro term, means you make the most out of it. Consisting of the 3 Intro classes.

Package of all three “Intro” classes:

The unique opportunity to learn from the mistakes of your veteran instructor which took years to realize . Students get a serious head-start because of this.

Art Guidance and unique opportunity to witness live demos in making by industry professionals, Darek Zabrocki and Michał Kus.

Homeworks which improves You in every way,  week to week.

Intro to Digital Painting:
- Understanding of colors, perspective, shapes, perceptiveness, forms,
- Understanding of visual communication, materials and how light reacts on them,
- Applying knowledge in an effective and logical manner from studies made during classes,
- Building a strong foundation for concept art and illustration,
- Landscape studies,
- Preparation for starting more advanced designs,
- Homework which improve You in every way,  week to week,
- Learning the arrangement of elements is put together in such a way to form a harmonious whole
- Recreating game designs.

Intro to Hardware Design:
- Understanding perspective and thinking in 3D,
- Drawing and studying in perspective, understanding proportions  and forms by training how to draw shapes,
- Developing your visual library,
- Understanding the relationship between functional design and aesthetic design for hardware and vehicles,
- Perception of design flow & language.

Intro to Environment Design:
- Understanding importance of composition,
- Developing your shape language and introducing students to how design flow works in environments,
- Learning and understanding the architectural styles,
- Perspective and directing the viewer’s to elements of interest at focal points in a drawing,
- Learning to represent different materials using lines,
- Designing with a variety of approaches.

What do you need to bring to the table?

- Dedication and passion about concept design and illustration,
- Discipline to fulfill homeworks,
- Equipment – laptop or tablet and Photoshop or some other 2D graphics program (and knowledge how to use it),
- Great motivation to complete the course! It’s worth it!
- Ability to speak and understand classes in English.

Week to week - Brief schedule is provided in each individual “Intro” classe page.